Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Death of Snailey

Snailey just died recently.

I saw something in the bowl, but I thought it was just something growing in the bowl that I could clean up when I got the chance. But later , when I lifted up the bowl I realized it was not something growing, instead, it looked like Snailey's insides had come out of his shell. So I told mom and she said I could just fish it out of the bowl
It took a long time to fish everything out of the bowl. After that, mom let me poke it with some tweezers. I took a look around, since after all I want to become a surgeon when I grow up. Dad came and took a look at it but mom said she'd rather not. I even made a casket for him and a marker and I also made a poem to put in his casket just for fun. It says:

To Snailey,
You slither and eat
but you don't have any feet
You are yellow
and mellow
and your insides are like jello

Don't worry I'm not crazy for puting my snail in a casket, I've just never gotten to bury any of our pets before.
I'm sure Fishstick and Lillly are crying today but you just can't tell because they are in water.
ta ta for now!

Friday, January 30, 2009

How to Eat healthy and stay fit

Dear reader, hope this will help.This blog shows how to know what's
a good grab and what's not. I remember when I was little all I wanted
to eat was chicken nuggets,sharp cheddar cheese,carrot sticks, orange juice, and scrambled eggs.Then when I got older at about eight or nine
I started trying new foods
and I've been that way ever since!
Yours truly,
Emma Barnes

chapter one- picky or no picky

chapter ONE
picky or no picky
Are you picky or are you not? We'll find out after you take this test.

When you go to a restaurant, your mom wants you to get some salad
and soup you either....
A. Do what your mom says and get soup and salad
B.You go and just get a cheeseburger. I had some fruit for breakfast
C. Don't go with your mom's advice and get some chicken strips with
french fries.

It's time to go to school today you want to have a good breakfast
before you are on the go you decide to get....
A. You decide to get some cereal and mixed fruit
B. You decide to get some frozen french toast. We don't live forever
C. decide not to get anything because nothing looks good to eat
right now.

Mom and Dad say you can eat whatever you want for dessert you....
A. Get a fruit smoothie with strawberries Mmmmm.
B.You get a small candy bar.
C. You get a couple of candy bars with two scoops of ice cream.

Mostly A's you are very good with what you do with your body
just make sure that you treat yourself every once in a while
or you could fall off the wagon in the future.

Mostly B's you are doing pretty good! Just make sure though that
you try to stay away from fatty food and eat one fruit or vegetable
every day if you get the chance.

Mostly C's you could probably do a little bit better try not to eat
a lot of batter fried things and candy. Get some fruit or vegetables at
least once a day.